Friday, January 13, 2012

took a walk...

yesterday and its amazing what you will find. My sister and I decided to try the just opened Super Duper hamburger joint in Mill Valley. The burgers and soft serve ice cream are just what Marin needed. (Im sure i will be taking my love there this weekend!)  We then ventured off to downtown Mill Valley and walked near El Paseo restaurant.  As I was telling my sister, Tyler Florence had just recently purchased the restaurant, Chef Tyler Florence walked right in front of us.  I really do hope he did not hear any of my babble.  We then walked over to his store, next door and dreamt of the many things we want but cant afford. All in all, I found some very awesome things, had a great lunch and a lovely afternoon with my one of my favorite people, my sister Vanessa.


soft serve ice cream all day

tyler florence's library

jerry g

mini bar

koi pond?

el paseo

lovely little corner