Thursday, June 27, 2013

{daily inspiration} Kinfolk

There are SO many things in the world that inspire me...but Kinfolk is probably in the top 10.  I have been reading this photo-essay magazine since its initiation.  And the magazines are a major focal point in my living room.  I love seeing everyone's expression when they flip through it for the first time. 

Much to my pleasant surprise, there was an announcement from the folks over at Kinfolk, in my inbox this morning.  Kinfolk Saturdays, "a film series that will offer lots of ideas for things to do on weekends, inspire you to try new things and make the most of those precious days off."  The intro video is beautifully done-- I swear those Kinfolk kids make everything so enchanting!

Kinfolk Saturday Film Series

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

{daily inspiration} childhood

childhood. that's all. think back of those days and be inspired.
stella and lillie.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

{my love} and little love

best partner. best father. (well besides my own dad)
dale.stella 29y.3y/dale.stella 39y12y

{lovely life} according to my iPhone

Stumptown Nursery, Guernevile CA
Love and Little Love at Stumptown
god-daughter and her love, tutu
Dale the baker
me at ocean beach, sf

{antiquing} Thistledown Antiques

last week we made our way to Duncan Mills, which is in the heart of the Russian River area.  it is a small, one stop-sign town with the most magestic antique store. Thistledown Antiques.  plan a day trip to the river and be sure to stop here!
the most amazing wooden/brass frame.

have never seen a more beautiful plate.  look at that green!

tins, tins and more tins.

{daily inspiration} chicks with guns

not too sure how i feel about the subject of guns and all the crap that it comes with but i am in love with Lindsay McCrums' Chicks with Guns  book.  The cover photo is absolutely perfect.
Chicks with Guns by Lindsay McCrrum

Chicks with Guns by Lindsay McCrrum

Monday, June 24, 2013

{raw thoughts} me

with this move and my newly changed relationship status.  i have taken on a deeper sense of me and what i want to accomplish this year?  where am i going with my career?  how can i grow my relationship with my fiance and step-daughter? how can i spend more time with my parents?  we, as humans are constantly evolving.  and i haven't felt such a change in my life ever- i want to be more.  i feel like i have my foundation, which is my family- parents, sisters, love, and stella-bean but i want this foundation to flourish, to grow stronger.  i have so many ideas, and plans its so hard to have time for everything.  what is the secret to making time for every aspect in your life and to make sure you are constantly growing in the right direction?  what is the secret to pushing all the drama and negativity out of the way so that you allow yourself time for the positive?

New Home, New Town -- New Fiance!

Where do I begin?  New house, new town, and most importantly newly engaged!    We moved to the cutest small town in Sonoma County, and have the cutest home to match it.  It's been a journey to move out of a townhouse we have lived in for 7 years, and make a new house into a home, but with help from the best familia and a lot of patience its all coming together.

My loves in front of our new casita.
Sitting  under our apple tree.
Stella-Bean also started a new school, and I couldn't be more proud of her at how she has accepted change.  Being in 7th grade, its not easy to make friends (what age is it ever easy?) but she was an all time champ! Her mother ran into some hiccups so we have had her full time for 3 months, and its been a dream.  Well almost... but that story is for another time.

I feel so excited about this new time in our lives.  It's a fresh start and can't wait to see what this summer solstice will bring.