Friday, December 23, 2011

vintage thursday: Aubergine.

aubergine--aubergine--aubergine.  for those of you located in the bay area, you are in luck.  Aubergine: Vintage Emporium located, in Sebastopol and San Rafael is an amazing find!  The store in Sebastopol is housed in a 10,000 sq. foot building that was formerly an apple processing plant.  They have a massive array of clothes/shoes for both men and women, no furniture but they do have a section dedicated to rugs and linens.  On my most recent trip, this past monday I found an awesome wool plaid pencil skirt for $12.00.  Unfortunately, they do not have e-commerce set up but do have a bar and cafe attached to it.  Does it get any better?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Honor by Giovanna Randall

Thank you Emmadimes for showing me my latest obsession.  Honor by Giovanna Randall is a newbie to the fashion world, headquartered in the garment district of NYC.  Giovanna is an opera singer turned head fashion designer for Honor (which is named after her sister).  The images below are from the pre-fall 2012 collection.  I wasn't a big fan of the red-pink color scheme, but i would wear the Honor compilation any day.  The clothes are whimsical, yet classic.  Bravo Honor!

Images courtesy of Honor.

Found via Emmadimes–who found it via Honestly WTF!

daily inspiration

now only if i could get my desk to stay clean like that.... 
i absolutely love the mismatched frames and the art work in them--lets see if i can get my hands on some pretty vintage frames.

please acccept my apologies...

i took a month and a half off from the blog world; starting a business can suck the life right out of you (more info to come) please accept my apologies?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

barely here...

sick with a nightmare sinus cold.  (hey at least i took a shower for you.)
2nd day in bed.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

shabby apple

if you dont know, now you know. SHABBY APPLE. Clothes are adorable; reminds me a bit of Anthroplogie but the prices are affordable.

2 in love

THESE skeletons of a Roman-era couple buried in a final embrace have been unearthed in Italy. Archaeologists excavating a palace found the remains of the lovers, who have held hands for 1,500 years. The man and woman were discovered in a joint tomb in a palace in Modena. Excavation director Donato Labate said: “I have been involved in many digs but I’ve never felt so moved.” The two skeletons, which are poorly preserved, will be studied to establish the couple’s age, their relationship and the possible cause of death

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

nostalgic fashion

NOSTALGIA: Photographed by Cecil Beaton forVogue in 1937

dia de los muertos

In celebration of Dia de Los altar:

Celebrating my Nana Lydia Barrera, Tata Amadeo Barrera, Tata Tito Peraza, Nana Ana Peraza, and my loves paternal grandparents, John and Ruth Murphy

Courtesy of Wikipedia-- here is a brief explanation of DIA DE LOS MUERTOS (Day Of The Dead)

"Day of the Dead (SpanishDía de Muertos) is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and around the world in many cultures. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. It is particularly celebrated in Mexico, where it attains the quality of a National Holiday, and all banks are closed. The celebration takes place on November 1–2, in connection with the Catholic holidays of All Saints' Day (November 1) and All Souls' Day (November 2). Traditions connected with the holiday include building private altars honoring the deceased using sugar skullsmarigolds, and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed and visiting graves with these as gifts."

communion tour

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Tri Studios and saw the most amazing show. The Communion tour consists of three folk bands, Matthew & the Atlas, The David Mayfield Parade and Lauren Shera. Each band left me in awe and when they all got on the stage together it got better! Check them out, I am sure they are playing in a city near you.

Here is an excerpt I found online by's by Tyler Kane

"Communion — a live music promotion team from the U.K. that was formed by Mumford & Sons keyboardist Ben Lovett, producer Ian Grimble and Kevin Jones — will kick off its move into the U.S. with “Communion in the Redwoods.” The event is a three-day party in Big Sur, Calif. on Oct. 21 through 23. Communion helped artists like Laura Marling, Noah and the Whale and Marcus Foster establish their live shows.

“We founded Communion as a way for people to get together and play music without all the hassle of dealing with money-grabbing venue promoters,” Lovett said. “No matter what the venue size, they’ve always been amazingly intimate occasions. We’re incredibly excited to be launching Communion in America, where not only are there literally thousands of excellent musicians that we want to promote, but it’s also a country full of passionate music fans that we want to feel part of the Communion experience.  The tour will feature Matthew & the Atlas, The David Mayfield Parade and Lauren Shera.”

Lauren Shera 

David Mayfield Parade

Matthew and The Atlas

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

to be productive.

A lesson on how to be productive.  Miranda is a genius, found this clip via Taza


 Images courtesy of Bonpoint. Photography by Carlotta Manaigo.

This is the most precious picture I have seen in a while! Her angelic face and darling outfit can't be more perfect.  Thank Honey Kennedy for sharing!

Check out this fabulous children's designer Bonpoint.  Wishing the clothes came in adult sizes.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


What have I gotten myself into? I have never been the one to buy the store bought costume as I love taking the time to make something unique.  But never did I think i would be making 2 costumes in 2 days!  Black AND White Swan.  I came up with the great idea for a girl friend and I to dress up as Natalie Portmans character.  I know there are plenty of costumes already made being sold online and in stores, but what fun would that be.

I started by buying black and white performance tutus from

Now I did take ballet 15 some years ago but I would not dream of walking around on toe shoes all night long, so I went with simple ballet slippers in pink.

To complete the outfit I needed to find a simple black and white corset that I could embolish so that the costumes would resemble these:

After a lot of browsing online, I finally found some basic corsets at Macys.  Took a trip to my local Michaels and bought some fun rhinestones, and feathers.  With fingers crossed and some good music I start this endeavor. Countdown begins!  Prayers are accepted. 

Pictures of the completed costumes to follow...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

autumn outfit perfected.

i live for autumn.

Its the beginning of Autumn—I can smell it in the crisp air.  Leaves are changing, and the cobwebs for halloween are coming out.  Costumes are on everyones mind and party invites are appearing in the inbox.
This has to be my favorite time of year.  Such nostalgia of mom making each one of my four sisters and I’s costumes, school Halloween parades, pizza for dinner on the night of Halloween, and Hocus Pocus on the tv while my sisters and I count how many pieces of candy we received that night. 
Not to mention, that Turkey day is just around the corner…