Thursday, October 27, 2011


What have I gotten myself into? I have never been the one to buy the store bought costume as I love taking the time to make something unique.  But never did I think i would be making 2 costumes in 2 days!  Black AND White Swan.  I came up with the great idea for a girl friend and I to dress up as Natalie Portmans character.  I know there are plenty of costumes already made being sold online and in stores, but what fun would that be.

I started by buying black and white performance tutus from

Now I did take ballet 15 some years ago but I would not dream of walking around on toe shoes all night long, so I went with simple ballet slippers in pink.

To complete the outfit I needed to find a simple black and white corset that I could embolish so that the costumes would resemble these:

After a lot of browsing online, I finally found some basic corsets at Macys.  Took a trip to my local Michaels and bought some fun rhinestones, and feathers.  With fingers crossed and some good music I start this endeavor. Countdown begins!  Prayers are accepted. 

Pictures of the completed costumes to follow...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

autumn outfit perfected.

i live for autumn.

Its the beginning of Autumn—I can smell it in the crisp air.  Leaves are changing, and the cobwebs for halloween are coming out.  Costumes are on everyones mind and party invites are appearing in the inbox.
This has to be my favorite time of year.  Such nostalgia of mom making each one of my four sisters and I’s costumes, school Halloween parades, pizza for dinner on the night of Halloween, and Hocus Pocus on the tv while my sisters and I count how many pieces of candy we received that night. 
Not to mention, that Turkey day is just around the corner…