Wednesday, August 22, 2012

{smoothie goodness} Jalapeno-Peach

Just took my afternoon "time out" from work, to try this smoothie recipe I have had for months, but never had the right ingredients until today! (thanks Vanessa)  It was the perfect blend of sweet/savory with a kick of spice.  Mine turned out to be a little too much kick but still wonderful.  Recipe in the below, ENJOY!

Jalapeno-Peach Smoothie

2- fresh peaches, pitted
2- green apples (juiced)
2- jalapenos (one juiced, and the other deseeded and sliced)

You are supposed to juice both apples and one of the jalapeno.  Since I do not have a juicer, I cheated and went to my market and bought freshly-squeezed apple juice.  I also deseeded the jalapenos, sliced them and added them to the blender.  If going this route, I highly recommend just using 1-1.5 jalapenos.

I also slightly froze the sliced peaches and fresh apple juice (4 hours.)  I love smoothies frothy, and usually have to throw in a couple of ice cubes.  I didn't want to water down this smoothie, so freezing the fruit was perfect!

Next time, (and when I'm not at work) I'll definitely add some "spirits" to it.  Perfect for an afternoon out in the sun with friends! 

Thank you SpaBettie for the recipe!

{comedy queen} Phyllis Diller

We have lost a great one; she was the epitome of F.U.N.N.Y. and a trailblazer for ALL female comedians.
Bon Voyage Ms. Diller.  

{daily inspiration} your yellow brick road

Monday, August 20, 2012

{my paradiso} according to my iphone

{Before} at OutsideLands

{After} at OutsideLands       
{Taco/Mexican Train night} with friends
{Stella-Bean} at the Fair
{Sofia} at the Sonoma County Fair

{Chateau St Jean Winery} - Afternoon spent with dear friends

{my love} at sunday brunch

{the "barrera-sisters"}at the twins high school graduation