Monday, June 24, 2013

{raw thoughts} me

with this move and my newly changed relationship status.  i have taken on a deeper sense of me and what i want to accomplish this year?  where am i going with my career?  how can i grow my relationship with my fiance and step-daughter? how can i spend more time with my parents?  we, as humans are constantly evolving.  and i haven't felt such a change in my life ever- i want to be more.  i feel like i have my foundation, which is my family- parents, sisters, love, and stella-bean but i want this foundation to flourish, to grow stronger.  i have so many ideas, and plans its so hard to have time for everything.  what is the secret to making time for every aspect in your life and to make sure you are constantly growing in the right direction?  what is the secret to pushing all the drama and negativity out of the way so that you allow yourself time for the positive?