Tuesday, January 17, 2012

daily inspiration:family

thought it was about time to introduce you all to my family.  put some faces behind the names you all have heard so many times.  

stella, my love's dale's daughter:future step-daughter

me and stella
my love dale

papa-bear and mama-bear

sister, vanessa and boyfriend, ricky

me, sister ana-gabriela, sister berna-liza, sister vanessa, sister ana-aliz, mama-bear

vanessa and ana-aliz
little twin sisters ana-gabriela and ana-aliz

berna-liza, her daughter and my god-daughter sofia-gizelle
my love dale and brother-in-law shawn


sofia and me

my perfect little one, lord maximus aka max

for future, please know that i rarely use full names and tend to shorten everyone's names using their first initial