Sunday, January 15, 2012

fun day saturday...

spent it watching football and hanging out with my favorite people. My two sisters, Berna-Liza and Vanessa along with my brother-n-law Shawn and Ricky came over to mine and my love's house. We watched our hometown team, the 49ers beat the Saints. (woo-hoo) Pe-gamed it at Super Duper and then served carnitas for din din.
My god-daughter, Sofia came along to entertain us as well.  Not too sure if I was watching football or Sofia.  Its amazing how much you can love one person!    Food, Family and Champagne make my heart happy.

my love dale, brother-in-law shawn, v and ricky 

sofia playing

the kids teaching sofia how to fist pump

the face that melts 1000 hearts