Thursday, January 12, 2012

DIY project: vintage postcard calendar journal

thank you Design Sponge for such a lovely DIY idea.  Im working on mine today!


Growing up, I kept a daily journal. I always enjoyed looking back at previous entries to see what had changed over the course of a year. These days, I can’t seem to find the time to journal, but I do try to jot down a little note from each day on my perpetual calendar/journal. The idea is very simple — flip to the current date and at the end of the day, write down something that happened. Some days it is big things like “Annie took her first steps.” Other days it is small, like “needed more than one cup of coffee this morning.”
The first year is the least rewarding, but I imagine that in 10 years, it will be a daily treat to be reminded of what happened on that date over the last decade. I think these would make great gifts this season, not only for adults but also for older kids, baby showers, retirement parties, wedding showers and more. Enjoy! — Ashley
I’m always trying to give new life to things I can’t pass up at flea markets. Vintage postcards can be found at most flea markets and antique stores. The colors are often beautifully faded. I didn’t mind trimming them, as they’d be enjoyed more in this gift than they would be tucked away in a box at the flea market! You could customize yours numerous ways to fit your taste. Though stamping the dates looks like a long process, it actually took about an hour to complete this entire project.
  • fruit box and 12 postcards found at flea markets (my box was $1.00, postcards $1.00 or less each)
  • 180 4 x 6″ lined index cards
  • date stamp
  • paper cutter (or scissors)
  • twine (for gift wrapping)
1. Cut index cards in half.
2. Stamp the month and date on each card. This step took a little under five minutes per month.
3. Trim postcards to the same width of the cut index cards and just a bit longer than the index cards.
4. Organize postcards by date, dividing each month with the postcards.
DIYby Kate Pruitt