My Story

Looking through rose colored glasses while dancing at Ms. Dinsmoor's Mansion is where you will find me...on most days.

I enjoy the lovely things of life-- anything that is simple, classic and nostalgic. This blog is a hodge podge of personal inspirations and thoughts. These are my life adventures, and want a place to document everything.  I now have a place that I can be honest, raw, share my happy, and tough moments through words and pictures.  Connect with like minded humans and just be apart of this blogging-world.

So who am I? A 32-year old, brand consultant from Sonoma County in California,  living in beautiful Petaluma (can you say wine country?)  I have 4 sisters and 2 parents that are my world. Throw in a fiance, step-daughter and a little King Charles and my heart is complete.  Recently becoming engaged, moving to a new home, and having a 12 year old step-daughter you can say my life is anything but simple.

 I invite you to email me at : celidoll22{at}gmail{dot}com -or- leave your comments.